loose threads

Saturday, January 15, 2005

baby it's cold outside

It's so fleeping cold outside.

Upstairs sewing on that old polar fleece again. This time, using up scraps, making mittens, hats, scarves to give away. I'm sick of stashing that stuff.

My computer is behaving badly and needs a tuneup. I am afraid to try and post anything but words. Could not get AdSense on this site at all...it just jammed at the last step.

No one has found me babbling in my own little wilderness here, so I'm going to check out the Threads forum and the Craftster posts. See ya later.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Want some cold rice salad?

Been too busy to blog.

One thing I did was completely organize the sewing room over the weekend, and it is almost too picture-perfect to sew in now. Also, here's the thing: now that I know where everything is, I see even more design ideas & possibilities. For one thing, there is this piece of cotton printed with blue fifties looking flowers that would look great as a skirt or pants bordered or hemmed in a blue linen I also refound. But I must prioritize.

Odd thing of the day: Cook brown rice in V8 juice. Chill and add a can each of black beans and corn, drained and rinsed, along with one diced cucumber, and some cilantro. Serve with avocado slices.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Assorted Threads

Spent the afternoon running errands, came home famished and ate a few too many blue chips with avocado dip. Have been queasy ever since. Plus, my SO gave me a newspaper clipping about how the draft might be reinstated as soon as June 15th, 2005.

The pending bills are referred to as "The Universal National Service Act of 2003" and would require males and females ages 18 to 26 to perform an obligatory 2 year period of national service either in military or civilian capacities.

These are Companion Bills S89 and HR 163.

Look 'em up. Maybe you'll feel queasier, as I did, maybe not.

What does this have to do with sewing? I once had a box of notepaper with a design of a woman sitting at the shoreline of the sea, attempting to weave, knit, and sew the waves and foam with her needles. When I think of war, I think of the destruction of the lives of regular, everyday people wondering about dinner, the kids, their homelife. I think of the poignancy of trying to knit and weave all the threads that bind humanity in the face of the destructions of war and the waste of all the beauty and art that war destroys, about the bravery of that woman who nontheless tries to knit and weave through it all.
Two odd things I have heard:
1. If your cuticles are dry, rough, and cracked, moisturize them and then put liquid bandage on them.
2. If you have a toenail fungus (thick, yellow toenails), put a little of something like Vicks Vaporub on them every single night for a few months.

Anyone tried them?

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Fell asleep on couch on my afternoon off and dreamt of people in blue bathrobes with white piping extending from sides and pockets to make words in a curlicue script.

After cooking dinner, I am now making chocolate cookies and awaiting a tv show entitled
"Wickedly Perfect", which I hope will be as fun as it could be. I haven't watched reality tv, but the premise of this looks promisingly like a hoot.

Did a bit of embroidery~ cross stitching on a picture of a butterfly with some nasty iridescent thread. Hard to see, pretty when done. Have had the project for two years. It was in a kit given to me by someone who had it for who knows how long.

...later: watched the show, which promises to be heinously and dangerously addictive in that I want to see what the people are making, but I have to watch Judgments all the time...YOW, these people can get vicious.


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

India Inklings

I just want to say, thank goodness there is The Daily Show.

As for sewing, I'm not doing any tonight. I'll be surfing, looking for clues about Lamington Road in Bombay (or, nowadays, A Nair Road in Mumbai), because that is what is imprinted on the cover of my old DMC encyclopedia of needlework. My daughter found the book at a flea market in Santa Cruz, CA., and it had a newspaper clipping in it entitled, "Kerala Must Unite or Perish", with a Maharaja quoted in it.

Who saved this clipping? A wife or a lover? A servant? And when did this happen? I know nothing of Indian history, but I am intrigued and imagining all sorts of possibilities.

The author is Therese de Dillmont. On the bottom of the front cover, the imprint reads:
Stockists of DMC Articles
321, Lamington Road-Bombay 7

Are there any gentle readers who could offer further info? DMC emailed me back to say they could regretfully offer none.

Au revoir

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

escalloped fabric, bake at 350 for ten hours

Back to work after the holidays . Same thing, different day.

Finished the boot off tonight with an embellishment of pink curlicued polar fleece bows. The boot is dark green with a white scalloped collar. The person it is for is confined to a wheelchair and has badly swollen legs wrapped in bandages and extremely tender toes. I hope this works better than the toe cap I'd made before (it kept slipping off).

Worked on an outfit for my friend's granddaughter too. It, too, is polar fleece. It, too has scallops...around the hem of the skirt, the bottom of the popover vest, the hat, and is blanket stitched by hand around each little scallop.

It is in this way I realize that I am a lunatic. But it looked so cute on the pattern package. I suppose I could cheat and blanket stitch by machine. But I know darned well something would happen to at least one scallop, like pulled fleece or jammed thread on pulled fleece.

I have some light blue and white Italian cotton I spent too much money on while at Britex fabrics in San Francisco a year ago and am plotting out a blouse for summer with it in mind. Or maybe a halter top. It's the most beautiful blue, like a sky after a rain.

Like this, almost.

Will keep posting. Don't know when I can get to the pix yet. See ya.

Monday, January 03, 2005

polar fleece, polar fleece, polar fleece

Monday, and I have the day off. The big plan was to get the errands done so I could do the mending and get into some "real" sewing.

Well, got the mending done except for a lingerie strap missing one of those little square plastic things you pull the strap through.

Onward to the fun stuff. I had the idea to make a polar fleece bootie for a woman in a wheelchair who has diabetes & her toes are always cold. So I put on my big fat furry slippers and cut around it. Used a cute sbowflake patterned fleece. Looked pretty good. Except, when I tried it on again, it was too short: just below the ankle.

This warranted a break, eating banana slices dipped in chocolate, and yammering about it.

So, soon I'll go back upstairs and finish the boot. Then on to making another thing out of polar fleece and fiberfill stuffing; namely, a sling-with-puffy-bottom for a woman who had a stroke and has trouble with her arm slipping off her wheelchair arm, lap, etc.

Will begin posting pictures as soon as I figure out how. Later, hey.